Consultation opens for last major Cycle Enfield route: A1010 North

Cycle Enfield launches its consultation today on the last of the five major routes to be unveiled in the Mini Holland scheme: the ‘A1010 North’ (Hertford Road) extending north from the junction with Southbury Road. This cycle route forms part of a wider scheme to bring economic and social benefits to this part of Enfield – potentially a huge opportunity for residents.

The consultation launches with a public exhibition at the Dharma Centre, 442-446 Hertford Road, EN3 5QH today, Friday 1st July, from 3pm – 8pm and continues on Saturday 2nd July from 10am – 4pm.

From Monday the plans will be available online at the Cycle Enfield website. Please take a look at them, and the Enfield Cycling Campaign will provide some guidance soon on responding to the consultation.


5 thoughts on “Consultation opens for last major Cycle Enfield route: A1010 North

  1. judy

    When will your views be published on the web-site. I’d like to see them before putting in my own response as an individual.

    I can not see you response to the consulatation on the east west route (Enfield Town) here. Any chance of posting this. It’s the one I’m most interested in.

    1. Clare Rogers Post author

      Hi Judy – we’re just finalising our guidance on the A1010 North consultation, though this being August, it might be up to a week before we can put it up here!

      When you say the east-west route do you mean Southbury Road? Or Enfield Town itself? (Or both?) These consultations closed at the end of last year, but if you are interested, we can dig up the guidance we gave at the time. If so please email us at and we’ll send you the documents.

      I hope that helps – thanks, Clare

        1. Enfieldcc

          Hi Judy – I’ll try to put them up before the start of next week. On holiday – excuse the slowness! Clare

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