Quieter Neighbourhoods

What is Quieter neighbourhoods?

Quieter neighbourhoods is a scheme to introduce traffic calming measures such as blocking one end of a street or introducing speed limits. It is focused around residential streets that are often used as ‘rat runs’. The aim is to improve the safety and quality of life of the residents of targeted streets and make it much safer for children.

While quieter neighbourhoods is not predominantly a cycling campaign it will help to improve safer for all vulnerable road users (pedestrian, cyclists, children etc).

As both local residents and cyclists we are in favour of the Quieter neighbourhoods scheme.

2 thoughts on “Quieter Neighbourhoods

  1. Ben Hasan

    Quieter neighbourhoods would certainly be improved by creating more cycle paths across all of Enfield. In particular all of Green Lanes right through to Manor House. This will immensely increase the number of cyclists in Enfield

  2. Disgruntled Resident.

    My road used as a rat run (Hedge Lane to Green Lanes-High Street & vice versa). Noisy revved up engines as cars FREQUENTLY race up/down the road. Parking is also a mini nightmare, spaces more often than not unavailable not just outside house but in same road due to frequent use by inconsiderate shoppers, not enough spaces outside shops to stop (now to be made worse by cycle lane) & ‘residents’ owning more than one car per household & using spaces to park cars for sale/broken/extra additional cars (& this causes aggressive driving by local residents too!!). One way signs or blocking roads, including residents parking permits URGENTLY required!


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