Cycling Towards a Better Enfield: Health, Business and Travel

This conference at Enfield’s Dugdale Centre on Friday 8 April left me feeling both inspired and daunted – inspired because we were shown what is possible and already being done in the Netherlands – and daunted because Enfield has such a long way to go. Continue reading

Join us for our AGM – Tuesday 12 April

The Enfield Cycling Campaign Annual Meeting will be at

8:00pm on Tuesday 12 April at the

Old Wheatsheaf, Windmill Hill, Enfield EN2 6SE

With the developments in Mini Holland in Enfield, this has been an exciting year and next year promises to be just as exciting. Please come along to our Annual Meeting to hear about our achievements and help plan for the future. Everyone is welcome.

In the meantime don’t forget to Sign for Cycling at: and help to get the new mayor to take cycling seriously.


Enfield Cycling Fair – Friday 8 April

Don’t miss an afternoon of cycle-themed fun this Friday in Enfield Town centre! It’s for you – and your children/grandchildren/nephews/nieces – whether or not you already ride a bike.

LCC016 Enfield and Enfield Posters_AW4-1

The Enfield Cycling Fair will be an opportunity for the public to try out different bikes, discover that you CAN transport kids and shopping on two wheels, and have a go at the rollapaluza – a stationary bike race for ages 7 and up.

It’s from 12-5 on Fountain Island (opposite Barclays Bank on Church Street) and there will also be food and music.

It’s also not too late to volunteer to help out on the stall so let Clare know if you can on Thank you!

Letter to Mayor of London

The Enfield Cycling Campaign and We Support Enfield Mini Holland residents group have sent the following letter to the Mayor of London in response to David Burrows MP factually inaccurate letter calling for a halt to the Mini Holland programme.

Letter from We Support Enfield MH Mar 2016

Only 3% of the Borrows’ constituents actually filled in his survey to oppose the scheme.

Need help filling in the A1010 (south) consultation?

Here is Enfield Cycling Campaign’s response to the Cycle Enfield (Mini Holland) plans for the south section of the A1010. There’s more time now to have your say as the closing date has been extended to the 20 March. Feel free to use the comments below to guide your response at:

Continue reading

Enfield Town and Southbury Road consultation

Enfield Town as it is now

Enfield Town_Existing Image (1)

And how it could be

Enfield Town_Option 1 (1)

Click on these for a direct link to the consultations : Enfield Town Consultation and Southbury Road Consultation

Read on for our response to the Enfield Town consultation: Continue reading

Cycle Enfield consults on the A105

Cycle Enfield are holding exhibitions on the latest proposals for the A105 (including Green Lanes).

They will be at The Fox pub, Palmers Green, at these times:

Try to get to them if you can and make your views known!


Vigil – Monday 8th May 2015

Monday 8 June
Vigil and Die-In for the latest victim of road violence, Esther Hartsilver

a8f20004-063c-11e5-_915837cEsther was crushed by a lorry in Camberwell. She wasn’t spared pain, she didn’t die straight away.
2015-06-01_102546This is the environment which she braved, and which killed her. Esther was the sixth person to die whilst cycling in London this year (all by lorry drivers) and the fifth woman.
The Stop The Killing event will be held in Camberwell at 6 for 6.30pm. Please join us to make sure Esther’s death isn’t forgotten and ignored the way people killed with motor vehicles tend to be..

Enfield Cycling Campaign draft constitution

CONSTITUTION OF Enfield Cycling Campaign (Enfield CC), a locally governed group of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC), a charitable company registered number 01766411, registered charity number 1115789.

1. The name of the group shall be “Enfield Cycling Campaign” (or such other name as the group may decide in an Annual Meeting (AM) and this document is the governing document for such group.

2. Enfield CC is established for the following objects, which form a summary of the LCC objects contained in the Memorandum and Articles of LCC:
• encourage people to cycle
• improve conditions for cyclists
• raise the profile of cycling

3. Enfield CC is an independent locally governed group of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) with a degree of autonomy and independence in its management of campaigns and finances and inherits the objects and powers of that parent body from the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the LCC. In particular Enfield CC may hold funds in designated accounts for the purpose of furthering the above objects. Such funds may only be spent in agreement with the Coordinator and Treasurer of Enfield CC, subject to the financial regulations agreed by the Management Committee from time to time of Enfield CC.

4. Membership of Enfield CC is open to any member of the public who shares the aims of Enfield CC and who is a member of the London Cycling Campaign living in the London borough of Waltham Forest. Meetings, rides, and other events are open to members and non-members alike but membership of LCC is encouraged, as local group funding from LCC is calculated on the number of LCC members living in the Borough.

5. Enfield CC shall be governed by a committee comprising not less than 3 members who shall be appointed by all members attending the AM. This committee shall be known as “the Management Committee”.

6. The Management Committee shall comprise at least the following roles:

• Treasurer
• Secretary

Other members of the group may be co-opted as officers to perform specific roles such as coordination of:

• Web design
• Council Liaison
• Publicity
• Campaigns
• Events
• Newsletter
• Membership

7. Members of the Management Committee shall be elected at the AM by a show of hands or ballot for a period of one year. Candidates will nominate themselves and be seconded by at least one other person. In the event of more than one person proposing themselves to a role then all those seconded will serve the role with one person identified as the lead – except in the case of Borough Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer, which should be filled by only one person. Only LCC members are eligible to vote.

8. The Management Committee shall meet not less than quarterly, and all members of Enfield CC may attend to take part in decisions. Once a year an AM shall be held which shall be advertised in appropriate media. The AM is open to everyone but only Enfield CC members are eligible to vote on decisions and elections of Management Committee members.

9. Enfield CC operates an equal opportunities policy and welcomes people of all backgrounds and abilities. In its operations and staff Enfield CC seeks to reflect the social makeup of the community it serves. Enfield CC is committed to ensuring that its services are accessible to all irrespective of background and ability.

10. The London Cycling Campaign may dissolve Enfield CC if no AM has been held for a period of twenty four months or for other good and just cause. On dissolution any assets will be absorbed into the funds of the London Cycling Campaign.



Coordinator and Secretary

Letter to the Enfield Advertiser

Let’s be absolutely clear, if drivers respected people on bikes then we wouldn’t need to provide cycle lanes. Unfortunately there are some drivers who do not take into consideration the safety of others when they are on a bike. As someone who cycles I feel I take my life into my own hands every time I venture onto the roads. What seems to be forgotten is that a bike has as much right to be on the road as any other form of transport and that a person on a bike has little or no protection in a collision with a motor vehicle.

There has been some lively debate online and in the papers about the implementation of the Mini Holland proposals, now called Cycle Enfield. This debate has included both ration and irrational comments and heated exchanges. A lot of ‘anti’ comments talk as if bike riders are not welcome in those town centres and should be directed away from them so that they can bypass the centres without disturbing the people who drive their cars there and who, by inference, are the only people who spend money in local shops. To me all this does is persuade a growing minority that their trade is not welcome in these town centres and that if they want to shop by bike then they should go elsewhere.

What seems to be concerning a number of shopkeepers in Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill about the potential of cycle lanes being put onto Green Lanes is the loss of parking for those people who arrive by car with one comment from Tony Ourris of Anthony Webb Estate Agents being ‘If businesses loose even one of those parking spaces it could be disastrous for the local economy’. To me this is one of the more irrational of statements being made.

I have been carrying out my own survey over several weeks of Green Lanes and between the Fox Pub and the Triangle I have counted 39 carparking spaces. Behind Waitrose at the Triangle end there is a large carpark with a total of 160 spaces, 3 of which are for over 70’s and 7 for disabled people. Over that period I have been visiting that carpark on numerous occasions and have counted the unused spaces excluding the disabled and over 70’s ones and the availability has ranged from a minimum of 52 spaces up to 127 empty on a Saturday. Clearly showing that this carpark could easily accommodate any loss of spaces on the High Street. I have suggested to the council that they improve the signs pointing to this carpark, including putting in a digital display showing the number of free spaces similar to those in Enfield Town and that they allow a period of say 1-2hours free parking here whilst maintaining charges on the High Street with the aim of encouraging drivers to use the carpark instead of parking on the High Street. The lost revenue could be funded from the Mini Holland money. Additionally I suggest that from the Fox Pub to the Alfred Henning pub the pavement is sufficiently wide to accommodate a single cycle lane without impacting on the parking there and that the parking spaces there could be made disabled parking to alleviate any concerns about access to the northern end for people who have difficulties walking unaided.

An article in the Homes & Properties section of the Evening Standard talks of the new cycle super highways in London opening up home buying opportunities locally and builders and Estate Agents are already seeing the positives of having cycle lanes and advertising properties as cycle friendly offering secure cycle parking, quick access to the super highways etc. This can only improve those areas and increase values of properties as people seek to buy where facilities are available for them to cycle safely.

If cycle lanes go through Winchmore Hill and Palmers Green along Green Lanes then money will also be spent improving those centres and as a result they will be more pleasant places to visit encouraging more people to shop there whether by, Bus, Train, Car, Bike or Walking. This can only be good for those areas. If the cycle lanes are forced to go elsewhere then the money will not be spent locally and that would be a great shame for both shopkeepers and shoppers alike.